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Christian Homemaking Resources: 3 Free e-books on Parenting, Marriage, and Managing our Homes

It is not easy being a Christian wife and mother in these modern times.

What would have been considered practical and common sense even as near as 50 years ago, is no longer the way of life.

The definition of homemaking, marriage, and parenting as changed to fit the acceptance of the world.

The world does not offer much support or encouragement for mothers and wives who want to parent according to God’s ways, become homemakers, or have heavenly marriages.

As the keepers of our home we need all of the encouragement and education we can get.

And we are at battle with the enemy daily for our marriages, homes, and children.

In order to encourage you and support you in being a homemaker that loves her home, husband, and children; and because you view your position as keeper of the home a MINISTRY~~~here on Training Keepers of the Home I am offering you three free e-books.

Through these three books you will find the inspiration and motiviation to live out God’s word in your marriage, parenting, and homemaking.

You will begin to understand the importance of seeing your position and responsibilities as a ministry; a God-ordained role you have been chosen for.

I pray that you will find encouragement in your faith walk as you read these FREE books. These books can be printed or downloaded to be read at your convenience.

The first book is Raising Godly Daughters, which was a combined effort of 30 women who have a heart for raising Godly girls to become Godly women.

Raising Godly Girls

The second free e-book is for parents who need or want encouragement in raising sons to become Godly men. This book was also a labor of love for more than 30 writers with a passion for raising children in Gospel-centered truths.

Raising Godly Boys

Maybe you are unhappy as a homemaker, wife, or mother.

Or are you trying to figure out what your purpose is in all of this.

I want you to know that YOU are not alone.

God has plans for you as the keeper of your home!

And I want to share with you how to change all of that, find the joy in homemaking, and walk in faith as a woman.

As I wrote this book, I wanted YOU to understand how important that your role as a woman is. You are essential in the kingdom of God. Nobody eslse was created for this role.

We live out our roles as we speak life into our homes.

By speaking life into our homes, our words and actions can breathe life into our families. We can set the tone for our homes. The tone of home largely inpart falls on our shoulders.

Speaking Life into Your Home and Setting the Tone for Your Home

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One thought on “Christian Homemaking Resources: 3 Free e-books on Parenting, Marriage, and Managing our Homes

  1. Running my home has become a routine and work in progress. My homeschool lessons with my kids then homemaking come first before any other part of my day. Home is important.

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