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Children are a Gift

Our kids are created in God’s image.

Our children are a gift from God.

Every child is uniquely made by God and for His purposes. And as parents, there is nothing better than to see our child as a gift and love them the way they are.

We need to embrace them for who they are and appreciate them as they are, not for what they can do.

Comparing our children to others or even their own siblings will steal the joy from us and prevent us from seeing our children the way God does. Our children are amazing not because of their good grades or athletic abilities, but because God made them.

Praise comes easily for us when we see a beautiful sunset or are enjoying the color of the trees in autumn. However, how often do we forget as parents that our children are amazing!

How easily we can get caught up and find our focus to be on their sports, academic endeavors, college choices, disabilities, behavior issues, and/or health issues. This distracts us from our purpose as parents, which is to delight in our children.

This does not mean overindulging or spoiling our children, but rather rejoicing as a parent in the amazingness of our children as gifts from God.

Delight is a matter of the heart. It comes from deep within. Our children belong to the LORD, not us. He entrusts them to us.

We know as parents that children can be difficult, but the truth is that God never stops loving us or delighting in us as His beloved children. And each stage and phase of our children’s lives, no matter how challenging it may be, are to be enjoyed.

How can we intentionally delight in our children, ultimately seeing them as amazing gifts from God? Here are a few ways below.

  1. Speak life in our homes. Use words of life that spark the hearts of our children to see themselves as beloved creatures of God.
  2. Love them radically.
  3. Be patient with them.
  4. Laugh. Laugh. Laugh. Watch a funny movie, tell jokes, be silly. The main point is to find joy in small things. These are the things that connect your heart.
  5. Get over yourself. Just because you’re having a bad day, does not mean your child needs to bear the brunt of your moodiness. If you find that you need to reorganize your priorities, do it. But don’t make your children become victims of your bad day or problems.
  6. Keep doing your best as a mother and trust God with the outcome.
  7. Smile at your children.
  8. Put down the phone, turn off the television, and don’t allow distractions to prevent you from giving them attention.
  9. Don’t act annoyed or bothered when they want you to help them. Make it a joy to serve your children. If your heart is not there yet, pray about it.
  10. Be intentional about time spent with your children.
  11. Write them letters.
  12. Don’t be stingy with physical affection. Hug and hold them close as much as possible.

The entire point of delighting in your children is to connect with their hearts, love them the way God does (as much as we possibly can), and to be reminded that they are an amazing gift of God.

Your children must know that you enjoy spending time with them and that they are priorities in your heart. This is done by intentionally delighting in them with tangible ways, praying for them, loving them, and forgiving them.

Be blessed,

Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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