CHAPTER 6 & 7 Living Virtuously Book Study

living virtuously

Do you find yourself standing in the kitchen at the end of the day surrounded by children, dirty dishes, and a dinner to prepare?  Yet in the other room the phone is ringing, the dog is barking, and two kids have started WWIII?
You have a headache and your feet hurt from standing all day.  And if one more kid says “MOM” you are going to lose it.  Does this sound familiar?
If this sounds familiar you are not alone. However, how do you react to this type of situation?  Are you endlessly patient or are you the typical mom who responds by yelling, nagging, and losing control?
Just because it seems to be the norm for a woman to respond this way to her children or husband, does not make it the right response. God calls us to a higher standard of living when it comes to how we speak, react, and think.  An immature woman responds without thinking based off of her emotions and how she feels at the time.  A wise mature woman chooses her words and thoughts carefully before she speaks.
Ladies, in chapter 6 and 7 we learn about being a virtuous helper to our husbands and a virtuous marriage.We also learn that we can ‘make or break’ our husbands based on our treatment of them.  Tune into the study questions for more in-depth questions that will probe you and encourage you.

Chapter 6 and 7 study questions

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