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Chapter 12 and 13 Living Virtuously Study Guide

living virtuously

Does your home show a lack of care for it? Are you simply overwhelmed by life at hand and all of the tasks set before you?

You have been given 24 hours a day as the keeper of your home, the same as eveyrbody else.  It is up to you how you use it.  If you fritter away your time nothing gets done.

And if you feel sorry for yourself, you will constantly feel overwhelmed and probably not get much either.  However, if you value your time you are likely to get more stuff done.

There is one thing to remember, that you must take care of yourself to remain healthy and maintain strength.

Ladies, do you take care of yourself by drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced diet?  There are many other things to consider when it comes to our personal health such as proper hygiene, minimizing stress, getting exercise, and making sure that we acquire adequate sleep.

In the study of chapter 12, we read about ‘virtuous strength’ and why it is important for the keeper of the home.

And in chapter 13, we learned about confidence and why a virtuous woman needs the right type of confidence. Not the self assurance that produces a cocky spirit about us, but instead a calm assurance that is centered on our hope in Jesus.

Below are the study questions for these two chapters.

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