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Biblical Homemaking: Cleaning Tips and Helpful Hints

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Proverbs 31 Advice

I was raised in by an extremely organized mother who deeply respected her role as the manager our home. She taught me as basic, unspoken lessons:

  • A clean house is a happy home.
  • A clean home is organized, clutter-free, and stress-free.
  • A clean home is not a perfect home.
  • A clean home is livable.
  • A clean home is comfortable.
  • A clean home is a loved home

A clean home should be a priority for all homemakers. In Titus 2:5, women are called to be busy at home.

One way to be busy is to maintain a clean home. It is not about perfection, but the heart of the home is the people who live there. Do all that you can with what the Lord has given you.

Cleaning Tips

Clean up after yourself as you make a meal, or in whatever you do.

Make a concentrated effort to always be looking for items to be put back in their original homes: train your eyes to scan the room to look for misplaced items.

Keep a garbage bag in your vehicle for trash and Lysol wipes for a quick clean up

For each level of your home, keep a spray bottle with cleaning rags or paper towel handy for quick cleanups

Turn off social media, your phone, email notifications, the television, and any other distraction when you are cleaning

Stick to a routine.

Buy versatile cleaning supplies and products that can multitask.

After doing dishes use you washcloth and towel to do a quick wipe down of cupboards, refrigerator, or microwave.

After you take a shower, take a squeegee to wipe off excess water in the shower or tub. And use your wet towel to wipe the sink, toilet, and floor before throwing them in the dirty clothes pile.

Always be thinking ahead, be prepared.

Enlist your children to help in the cleaning process. Do your kids do chores?  …..Want to see some age-appropriate chores for children?

Windex is one of my favorite cleaning products. It can be used to clean mirrors, wood floors, carpet, steel, microwaves, bathrooms, and so much more. Buy it buy the gallon and several refillable bottles for use around the house.

Place rugs or welcome mats at each entrance to cut down on dirt being tracked into the house.

Vacuum and sweep on a regular basis.

Each visitor and member of the family should take off boots and shoes before entering the house.

Zap the germs right out of your sponges by putting them in the microwave (wet) for a few minutes.

Clean small toys in a mesh bag in the washer on a gentle cycle.

Clean fan blades with a pillowcase.

Got dogs, or lots of girls (if you’re like me), then you have lots of hair that stick to everything. Use a squeegee to pick up the hair or fur.

Microfiber couches or chairs are affordable pieces of furniture until you spill water or food on it, then it shows everything.  Take a microfiber cloth and window cleaner, spray, scrub, and wipe clean. It will look great when dry!

Or you can use baby wipes and a blow dryer to clean microfiber furniture.

Clean your walls with a microfiber mop to dust.

Fill your washing machine with hot water and add a quart of bleach.

Use a lint roller to clean window screens

Clean and polish your stainless steel sink using baking soda and cream of tartar. 

Use vinegar and baking soda to clean your window tracks.

Clean out your toaster with a clean and dry paintbrush.

Clean your blinds by using kitchen tongs wrapped in microfiber cloth.

Benefits to a Clean Home

As the manager of your home you and your family will appreciate the benefits of a clean home.

~Save time and money: being a good steward of what the Lord has blessed you with

~Enjoy a calm home: Let your home be a peaceful tranquil place for your family. Your home should be an oasis in the storm.

~Blessings: Watch the Lord bless you and your family for your hard work and effort. You will be able to reap what you have sown.

*Most importantly you will have the peace of mind knowing that your working in God’s kingdom is not without notice. It has eternal value.

May I encourage you to continue the series and learning more on, Frugality and Biblical Homemaking.


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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