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Keepers of the Home and Biblical Home Management

Biblical Home Management for God’s Glory

In Proverbs 31:27, it states that “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”   As Christ followers and homemakers, we have a specific calling to manage our homes.

By managing our homes we put the needs those that live within our four walls above our own. We are serving the Lord by managing our homes.  Managing our homes provides the opportunity to glorify the Lord through our actions.

Managing our homes has a significant and profound impact on our children and husbands. Our job has eternal purposes.

Biblical homemaking is so much more than household chores.

Attitudes of Our Heart

Through our heart attitudes and actions, we set the tone for our homes. “The wife and mother in a family often ‘sets the tone’ in the home. The ‘tone’ God wants her to set is one of joy, optimism, and a delight in the Lord and in her family.” ~ Martha Peace, The Excellent Wife {Page 77}

While we perform the duties of managing our homes, it is imperative that our hearts be in the right place.  It is too easy to look at being a stay-at-home mom as one who does the cooking, cleaning, and laundry. That is a job anybody can do.

We must stop right there. We are managers of our home and our calling is Biblical homemaking.

By keeping our eyes intentionally eternal, our focus is shifted towards His kingdom. It is then our heart attitude slowly moves to its correct position, which is glorifying the Lord through our work.

Mama’s and wives, you set the tone for your family.  Your loving actions, endless patience, and delighting in your family are not futile.

If you find yourself lacking in joy or contentment, stop and pray. Ask the Lord to refresh your soul and replenish an eternal outlook for you.

This job that you have, (the managing of your home), is one of the most important jobs on this earth. Christian mothers have a tremendous sphere of influence over their children.  We must never downplay or diminish the roles that God has assigned us as mothers.

Mama’s and wives, please understand that you are one of the most influential and impactful people in the world.  This is the role that God has assigned you in life. It was by no mistake that women became mothers and wives, and workers at home.

Workers at Home

Titus 2:5 calls women to be ‘workers at home.’  We are to be ’employed’ at home.

Because we are employed managing our homes, we must not sit idle. In Proverbs 31:27, it states that “She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.” 

When we manage our homes we bring order to our homes.  By bringing order, it is then that our homes become a place of tranquility and peace.  Our children and husbands can relax and feel loved.

Tranquility and Peace

How do we make our homes tranquil and peaceful?  By establishing routines and schedules our homes become organized and clean.

An organized home is uncluttered. A clean home is comfortable, loved, and calm. When we learn how to effectively manage our homes through maximizing our time, energy, and resources we are glorifying the Lord.

Management helps us maximize our time, energy, and resources. Simply put, management helps us to be good stewards. Likewise, management allows us to plan and organize events so we are free to focus on our real priority – people!” ~ Pat Ennis & Lisa Tatlock, Practicing Hospitality

A Foolish Reminder-Don’t Waste Time

These days it is common for mothers to be on social media for hours or playing on smartphones while they have young children in their care.  It is far too easy to allow a child to watch hours of mindless entertainment, while the mother entertains herself and passes the time on technology, television, or talking to friends.

Your baby won’t always be a baby.  Your toddler will someday be a teen.

May I encourage you to please enjoy these days.

Stop what you are doing and enjoy your children.

Read, play, and pray.

Laugh, love, and live.

Enjoy the days of their youth.

Walk and talk with them in the ways of the Lord. I promise you that you will not regret it.


In Proverbs 31:27, it states that we are not to eat the bread of idleness.  Instead, we are being told to not be lazy. The Proverbs 31 woman is a woman of excellence.  She is up before her family and goes to bed after her family. She is a hard working lady. She has excellent skills and gets the job done.

We must not become too lazy to care about the affairs our household.  We must not become indifferent to the needs and cares of our families.  We must remain diligent and hard-working in all that we do.

Cleanliness, organization, meal planning, routines, schedules, chores, and time management are just a few of the areas of Biblical homemaking that we must exhibit discernment within our roles and not sit idle.


Here is a quote by Carolyn Mahaney (Feminine Appeal) that I enjoy regarding the significance of our roles as Biblical homemakers.

“The challenge of ministry in our home is that we do not always feel very “spiritual” when we wash our dishes. It hardly feels significant to scrub our toilet. and we can feel that we are truly ministering when the Lord uses us to communicate a word of wisdom to someone, or He provides an opportunity to share the gospel with our neighbor. That seems like real ministry. And that is real ministry to be sure! But no more so than when we are wiping runny noses or cleaning the bathroom. That is because we have a very narrow view of true spirituality… The Lord wants to help us see the significance of ministry at home. He also wants to expand our vision for the multiple opportunities that we have for ministry in the home. Let’s ask the LORD to help us gain a biblical perspective of our ministry at home.”

If you find yourself unjoyful or unsure if you are cut out to be a Biblical homemaker, you are normal.  You were made for this position. Nobody else can care for your home like you. Nobody can love your spouse and children like you. God made you specifically for this time and place where you are right now.

Reminders, if you are struggling with a wrong heart attitude, discontent, or lack of joy, that:

Our hearts won’t change overnight.

Our homes won’t change overnight.

Change takes place slowly through prayer, patience, and persistence.

We must be diligent in managing our homes and who lives under our roof.  The ways of the world can sweep them away if we are not careful.  We must not become lazy or indifferent. Our homes are our responsibility. This wicked culture that we live in seeks to destroy and conquer our families by attacking our faith and stripping away what we hold most precious and dear.


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home

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