Benefits of using online retailers to buy groceries

My family is limited when it comes to buying groceries in our small town. We have one grocery store, two dollar stores, and two gas stations. Not many options…. However, I find that if  I run to the local grocery store I tend to spend more money. The problem with running to the grocery store for just one item, is that it increases the odds that you will spend more on other impulse items. See post on impulse shopping and how to prevent it from ruining your finances. Enter the concept of buying groceries online. Shopping online from the comfort of your own home with a shopping list in hand is a great way to save money. Why stand in line when you can shop online and buy mostly what you need with a click of a button?  Want to shop in your pajamas and not leave the comfort of your own home? Now, I am not talking about mindlessly buying whatever your little heart desires. But actually shopping with a list in hand and sticking to that list.

My family uses Jet.com. I can order basically anything I need and have it delivered to my house within 48 hours. Right to my front step. How fantastic is that!

Shopping with Jet

My favorite to shop with is Jet.com.

  • No annual membership or annual fees
  • Free shipping on items over $35
  • Shop from the comfort of your home
  • Thousands of grocery and household items to choose from
  • Stock up on everyday essentials
  • Two day shipping (on most items)
  • Wonderful customer service 24/7, this is speaking from personal experience.
  • Because of my previous shopping with Jet, my account holds all of my past purchases and it makes buying easier because I can just reorder

I do shop once a month at our closest Aldi’s, Walmart, and other stores for items I need. I like to go the discount bread store and other specialty stores if needed. Because of food allergies in our family, there are items I occasionally need from these type of stores. However, when the weather was bad during the winter months I was able to plan ahead. I bought what I needed online and saved me the driving and time. It was a huge lifesaver for me. Shopping with Jet allows me to stay home and stay within my budget.

Other online retailers

While I have not had any personal experience with Boxed.com.  I know they are very similar to shopping with Jet. Free shipping, two day shipping, and carries thousands of items, like grocery and household. Other similar shopping can also be done at Amazon FreshAmazon Grocery, and Amazon.com for grocery and household items. Please do some exploring on the links provided to see what options would work best for you and your family. Disclaimer:

  • Not all products on Jet are cheaper than what you can buy at a big box store, but when you factor in gas and time traveling back and forth to the store; it may be worth it.
  • I do not profit nor have I been paid with any of these retailers.
  • The above is based strictly upon my opinion and personal experiences.

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