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Be an Encourager to Your Children

Be an Encourager to Your Children

Are you a mom that is constantly frustrated with the actions of your child?

Do you find that you have to nag them to get things done?

Do you wonder what went wrong and why your children don’t listen to you?

Are you disheartened in hearing the nonstop whining and complaining of your own children?

Some Painful Truths as Mom’s

Let’s be honest here, how is the attitude of your own heart?

As mom’s we have the best intentions for our own children. We want them to become children are obedient, are respectful, and are responsible.

So when we grumble or complain about what our kids are doing, what our husbands do wrong, or just are a negative person overall; we should not find ourselves surprised when our children being whiny little people or grumbling teenagers with bad attitudes.

Often we need to take a look at ourselves before pointing the finger at the faults of our own children.

Unhappy Mom = Unhappy Kids

I speak from experience here on this matter, because I find it all too easy to grumble or complain about things, therefore, setting my own heart in a negative light.

Once my heart is unhappy or discontent, I then find myself snapping at my husband or nagging my children to “pick up this or pick up that” on a regular basis.

Before you or I know it, this becomes the way we relate to our families. We speak discouragingly, we’re impatient, and we tend to be very short-fused when things don’t go our way.

Children React to What They See and Hear

So why do we act surprised when our children act this exact same way?

It is because they are minor mirror images of our actions, they are merely reacting to what we say, do, or how we react.

It is hard for a garden to grow if the soil is rocky, full of weeds, and not properly nourished with water and nutrients.

Our children must be treated the same way a master gardener lovingly tends to their garden.

A master gardener sows, waters, plants, and prunes the garden from the seed to the final reaping of the harvest. This process takes time and effort.

And just like the a gardener, as mothers we must tend to our families, our flock, with love, respect, and patience; because the harvest is worth reaping. We will reap what we sow.

What Our Children Need: Respect and Encouragement

Just as a garden needs water, to be pruned, and sunlight. Our children have certain requirements that they need in order to thrive.

Children need respect and encouragement.

Children need to know that they are valuable and valued members of our family unit.

The only way to do this is through consistent compassion, patience, persistence, and to be treated with a loving demeanor even when they are at their most unlovable.

Often as mothers we become defensive in response to our children’s behavior causing us toreact with anger or a sarcastic remark to a child.

However, these moments are not productive nor conducive to a healthy relationship with our child.

It is important as mom’s that we become our children’s biggest and loudest encouragers.

How can we Encourage Our Children?

  1. Pray for them
  2. Have grace
  3. Model patience
  4. Speak uplifting words
  5. Work alongside them
  6. Forgive them
  7. Teach them that mistakes are building blocks for doing better next time
  8. Practice forbearance
  9. Smile at them
  10. Tell them what they do right
  11. Tell them thank you

Words of Encouragement that Your Child Needs to Hear

Final Notes of Encouragement

Dear sweet mama’s your children must be tended to like a master gardener tends to a garden. Like the heart of a teacher who desires to train her students, we must guide and shape their tender hearts as mothers.

We must be encouraging, even when its tough. Our children look to us from birth on as a role model, the influence of a godly mother is endless.

What we say matters.

What we do matters.

What we believe matters.

What we think matters.

Choose your words, thoughts, and actions carefully and with wisdom.

Be an encourager to your children.

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