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Awkward Moments as a Mom

Sometimes I just need to laugh. My life could be described as hectic or crazy at times. I choose humor whenever I can. It makes my life easier. As a parent I do not get to choose what my children say or do and it can make for some funny moments, like these:

  1. You ever been in a restroom with a child or five? Well,  I have and it always seems to be at Walmart. I was in a restroom with three children. I was the using it, my children were innocent bystanders. I was honestly only peeing, when one of them asked “Mommy, are you pooping?  Good job Mommy! I pwoud of you!” I was redder than red. Amidst the snickers I heard, it was refreshing to hear another lady say “you’re not the only one.” I still had to the walk of shame out of there.
  2.   Last week at Bible study in our own home, my two year old comes running out with a poopy diaper in her hands and all the while she is naked. Not one ounce of embarrassment on her behalf. The kids were laughing at her, which only fueled her on. Lesson on modesty, ha?
  3. When we lived at our old house it seemed like whenever we had company visiting there would be a naked random child of mine running through the house or doing cartwheels without underwear. Yeah, starting to see a theme here?
  4. One time I was in the store and bought a box of cookies and my four year old son asked me if I was going to eat the entire box by myself again. That one hurt.
  5. Another time in the grocery store one of my children asks in a very loud voice “Mommy are you going to feed me today?” Head hung low, no words. Really, what do I say to that? I really do feed my children.
  6.  We were entertaining at our house when my oldest daughter says “my mom goes crazy after 9:00 at night, just ask my Daddy.” Okay, we have a long-standing joke between my husband and I, that I get extremely giggly after 9:00 because I am so tired.

I remember being a bridesmaid in a wedding. I had to wear a dress that could only be removed by  zipping it down the back. Well, I was still breastfeeding my child at the time and during the middle of the reception she decided she was hungry. I was not about to dismantle myself in the middle of the reception hall and feed her, so I choose a quiet room aka janitor’s closet. I hiked the dress up to my neck to feed my baby. So there I was sitting in this dark dingy room with my dress pulled up to my neck, no arms visible, and a slurping baby. Thank goodness nobody walked in. Normally, I would just nurse wherever I was sitting, but the dress made it too difficult. I remember another time when I was teaching and had yet another nursing child. While I was working, I took time to pump two times a day. When I was done I would put my milk in the fridge. It was at one of my lunch periods another teacher asked “whose creamer is in the fridge”, I was quick to remind him what it was. He seemed to choose to eat his lunch elsewhere after that day. These moments are fleeting and soon will become memories. I thank God I am able to experience them, even if I am on the receiving end.        

Enjoy each moment with your child…they go too fast.

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