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Nearly a month ago I made the huge change in my diet. I ‘gave up’ snacks both sweet and salty as a challenge to myself. I have an strong addiction to carbs. At times the cravings are very intense and could break even the strongest willed person. My original goal was to go one month without eating anything sweet or salty when I had cravings, but only whole grains, fruits and veggies, and proteins instead.  I had a few times of giving into the cravings, both sweet and salty. However, overall I am proud of myself for sticking to it.  I noticed I was able to have just a few bites of whatever I was craving and be satisfied. I love healthy food anyways, so eating healthy is not a challenge for me, but only eating healthy food is challenging. There is something about a bag of pretzels or a powdery donut that is alluring to me. One bite of such food leads me down that path of no return. This past month I ate a lot of tuna, veggies, string cheese, and whole grain toast for snacks. Small manageable bites and sticking to serving sizes was crucial for me. It is easier to consume more calories than I need by just mindless snacking. I became mindful of everything I put in my mouth. This path month I learned:

  1. True hunger happens not has often I as think it does.
  2. I drink water, but I noticed how much more water I really needed. Tips for drinking water.
  3. Physically, I can see that I have lost weight, but since I do not own a scale I do not know how much.
  4. My thinking is clearer. I do not feel like I am living in a fog.
  5. I feel healthier overall, just by making small changes in my diet.
  6. Exercising was a lot easier for me. Eating carbs causes me to feel extremely uncomfortable and less likely to exercise, but cutting down on the amount of carbs I actually felt quite good and got my 10,000 steps + daily on my fitbit.
  7. Slow changes are where it is for me. My husband calls me an extremist, that is, I tend to move from one extreme to another. However, that eventually causes burnout. I am all about making life changing choices one step at a time.

This process will take time and it did not happen overnight, but I am excited about developing more healthy habits day-by-day. What about you readers? Any tips? What works for you?

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  1. That’s awesome, Stephanie! Small changes add up to really big changes over time. Water is such a huge factor – I can always tell when I’m not drinking enough. Keep it up! 🙂

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