Five Tips to Help You Become an Organized Homemaker


5-1-683x1024 Five Tips to Help You Become an Organized Homemaker

Whether you have a large or small home. Or you have a large or small family, becoming an organized homemaker will help your home become an efficient home.



Five Tips for Homemakers to Help Maintain an Extremely Efficient Home

5-1-683x1024 Five Tips to Help You Become an Organized Homemaker

Five Rules to Help You Become a Better Organized Homemaker


It is simple. Put things back where they belong as soon as  you are done. This rule goes for both adults and children alike. Every item should have a home. Every time. 

Rule #2:  CHORES

We all do chores and follow a routineWe all help out. Even my two year old is capable of picking up toys and throwing garbage away.

Keep a schedule of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores.  Try to stick to it as best as possible.

Whether you have two or ten children, they are capable of helping out. Children are capable of doing chores and in fact they should do chores.  Read here why children should do chores.


Routines are important because our time is a gift. Don’t waste it. God has given you all the time you need in one day to get done, what needs to be done for that day.  A routine is important because it teaches you to know what to do and when to do it.


Keep the kitchen clean or at least one room you use the most. We live in our kitchen, it is the hub of our family activities. It is the first room where my husband drops off his work load or my children drop off their school papers.

While I am cooking a meal, one or three of my children are typically perched on the kitchen island stools talking to me and along with them comes their toys, papers, and kid debris.

My kitchen would very easily become a disaster if I did not keep on top of it. I prefer to have dishes washed after every single meal, food is put away, and the floor swept. One thing  I typically do is try  to squeeze in little chores while I am waiting for a meal to cook.

For example, I will quickly wash a few counter tops, run dish water and clean a few dishes, and wipe down the microwave inside and out. Doing a few chores here and there allows me to keep things running smoothly.

Rule #5: DON’T SIT IDLE.

Make good use of your time.

If you have ten minutes before your children are going to wake up for school, maybe throw in a load of clothes in the washer.  When you are done brushing your teeth, rinse out the sink and polish the faucet.

After the children take a bath, run a wash cloth around the tub to clean off the soap scum and dirt, followed up by rinsing the tub. We keep a squeegee in our shower that we can use to wipe off the excess water when we are done. It only takes a few extra seconds and saves a lot of time later on.

When I am done with dishes I take the cleaning rag and  wipe down a few spots on my kitchen floor.  If I have an extra hand upon exiting the vehicle I will carry in the any trash or things that need to be returned to the house.

All of these tasks, take typically less than a minute and save loads of time in the end.


*Key Note: Having an organized home is not about putting the state of your home before your family. The needs of your husband and children should come first. It is easy to fall into the trap of perfecting our housekeeping routine moreso than the needs of our family.

The truth is maintaining an organized home is not about perfection, but about being efficient in order to effectively manage our home.  Following a routine, chore list, and enlisting the help of our family allows that to happen.

Organization is meant to keep things running smoothly and prevent the chaos that an unstructured home provides.  If there were no rules in which to govern society by, there would be pure chaos that would ensue.  However, just as society thrives on rules and being organized, so do our homes.

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    1. For sure, it can get overwhelming in not much time at all. Often I am the bane of many jokes because of my OCD borderline perfectionistic tendencies, but at least my house is clean.

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