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30 Tips to Help Your Family Save Money This Summer

Save Money on Summer Vacation


With children home during the summer it is a wonderful time for many families to take long vacations.

However, what if you cannot afford a big fancy vacation far away from home?

Is it still possible to create memories on summer vacation without spending a ton of money?

Children don’t need a lot to make them happy.  They need their parents attention and time, and lifelong memories are a result of that combo.

Below are 30 different ways to save money and create memories on summer vacation.

How to Save Money on Summer Vacation

  1.  Take small day trips, if you want to avoid hotel costs.  These are usually more affordable and are great for seeing local attractions. If you have small children, these are great because you can tuck your children in their own beds at night and not overwhelm their little bodies with hours of driving and sight-seeing.
  2. Go to the library, check out books or movies for free. Take advantage of library offerings such as book clubs or other summer activities geared towards children and families.
  3. If you have kids, take a field trip in your own neighborhood.   Investigate a local park, river, free attraction, go for a walk.  Anything can become a learning experience.
  4. If you live in the country go for a hike or bike ride.
  5. Have a picnic.
  6. Put up a tent outside and camp. Have a campfire, make s’mores, and tell stories.
  7. Or put up a makeshift tent of blankets and pillows and camp inside. Make s’mores in the microwave. Tell stories with a flashlight under the blankets.
  8. Go berry-picking.
  9. Go swimming in a lake or in a river. Or hit the splash pad if you have fortunate to have one in your town.
  10. Do some hard work together- yardwork, pull weeds, plant flowers, or work in the garden.
  11. Grow a garden.
  12. Make homemade ice cream
  13. Have a day camp in your backyard for neighborhood kids.
  14.  Pack a picnic, hit the beach, and make a day of it.
  15.  If you are going to travel, instead of staying in a fancy hotel, go camping or stay with friends.
  16. Bring your own water bottles whenever you leave the house. For even more savings, bring a snack.
  17. Leave your vehicle behind as much as possible. Challenge yourself to walk, bike, commute. Or stay home if you do not need to get out.
  18. Go to garage sales. Or even better have a garage sale.
  19. Hang your clothes out to dry instead of using the dryer.
  20. Eat cold lunches. Think sandwiches, watermelon, yogurts, cereals, and the like.
  21. Use the slow cooker as much as possible.
  22. Hit the free or steeply discounted days at local attractions, water parks, or museums.
  23. Cannot afford to send your kids to camp? Make your own.
  24.  Have the kids run through sprinklers or play in a kiddie pool.
  25.  Eat local produce. Prices are low. Freshness is key.  Health is always better.
  26.  Don’t turn the television on during the day.
  27.  Keep your windows open at night and closed during the day.
  28. Hold a bbq, invite friends, make it a potluck.  Have everybody bring their favorite dish and summer game to play.
  29. Freeze your gym membership. You can get enough exercise outside during the summer.
  30. Have a staycation. If you cannot afford to travel anywhere at all, stay home. Make a day out of it or week.  Prepare ahead of time. Relax and enjoy all that you have worked hard for.


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