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22 Affordable and Unique Summer Activities to do with Your Children

22 Affordable and Unique Summer Activites for Children

Summer vacation is right around the corner.

And while many parents may be planning fancy summer get-aways or sending their kids to expensive summer camps; that is not an option for most parents.

In fact, it is possible to have a wonderful summer vacation with your children on a budget!

Summer vacation does not have to be an expenisve endeavor. Many families must practice frugality and if you are one of those families, I have a list of 22 frugal and cheap activities for your family.

  1. Plant a garden. A garden does not have to be on a 2 acre parcel, it can also be grown in town, in containers on your back deck, or in your backyard.
  2. Camp in the backyard. Have a bonfire, roast marshmallows, and tell scary stories. These are the memories they will cherish for years to come.
  3. Make a homemade lantern. Check it out here, ecofriendly homemade lantern.
  4. Make homemade butter. This has been on my bucket list of things I have wanted to learn for years. This summer we will do this.
  5. Make cheese. In the days of old, my grandparents made all of their own cheeses. And with as much cheese as my family eats, this will be a perfect rainy day activity.
  6. Make soap. Make homemade soap as a family. Then sell the soap at a farmers market or to friends or family members.
  7. Teach your children how to preserve fruits and veggies by canning. This was not a skill that I was very proficient at as a child, but because I watched my mother and grandmothers grow, prepare, and preserve their produce; it was something that I do to this very day. This may be a great skill to learn with an older person teaching. And what a wonderful bonding opportunity to bring the generations together.
  8. Go to the library and check out books on astronomy. Learn how to identify planets, stars, and other galaxies. On a clear night go outside, lay on a blanket, and put your knowledge to work.
  9. Host a hot dog bar. Invite friends or family to your backyard. Build a rip-roaring bonfire and supply the hot dogs and buns, along with the roasting sticks. Each guest must provide a hot dog topping. You can go as traditional or as crazy as you would like. Think beyond the typical chili dog, mustard, or relish. What about sloppy joe dogs? Or mac-n-cheese dogs?
  10. Speaking of roasting….try having a marshmallow smorgasbord. It is the same concept as a hot dog bar, but done with marshmallows. Possible toppings include: chocolate, peanut butter, sprinkles, coconut…be creative.
  11. Freeze something fun in ice cube trays. Just add water and whatever you desire. Blueberries or any berry, jellybean, sour gummy bears, lemon wedges, orange slices, cucumber slices, or fresh herbs.
  12. Eat watermelon on a stick. Or grapes on a stick. Flash freeze for 15 minutes for an extra cool treat.
  13. Take a day trip somewhere, but make no plans. Decide on a distance, no more than _________ miles from home. Then take a picnic lunch and water bottles from home. As you set off for the day, decide as you go along what you want to do.
  14. Spend a day going to garage sales or yard wales. Or have a family or neighborhood garage sale.
  15. Start an herb garden.
  16. Rent a projector. Host an outside family movie night. Invite as many guests as you wish. Make sure guests bring their own drinks, snacks, and chairs and/or blankets. Watch a classic like “The Sandlot” or any other summer classic.
  17. Play water balloon baseball.
  18. Attend local county fairs.
  19. Paint rocks and plant them in parks or sneak them into a family member’s garden.
  20. On a hot day go visit a nursing home. Not only does this get your family out of the sun and rising temps, but you will also bless somebody else’s day.
  21. Fill a cooler with ice-cold drinks and deliver them to parking lot attendants, mailmen, street vendors, or homeless on a hot day.
  22. Tie-dye t-shirts.

Share your ideas. I would love to know what you do to end summertime boredom on a budget for your kids.

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