19 Christmas Traditions to Begin as a Family

Don’t you just love Christmas?

The spirit, songs, and festivities are deeply entrenched in our souls.

Part of what makes Christmas so special are the traditions that we did as a child; and in turn the traditions that we do with our own family.

Your children are going to remember the time spent together, the laughter as a family, and the memories that you create.

The gifts you buy your children should not be the focus of the holiday season.

From year to year my children rarely remember what we bought them, but they remember who we celebrated with, food we ate, and decorating the tree.

Children will remember the snowball fights, baking cookies, and going to Grandma’s house.

What they remember are the traditions that you do as a family year after year.

We all know that Jesus is the reason for the season, but incorporating family traditions can help make those moments become special memories.Christmas Traditions Family

Meaningful and Frugal Christmas Traditions

  1. Make homemade gingerbread houses as a family.

  2. Decorate the Christmas tree together. Put on some Christmas music and talk about the history of the ornaments as you decorate.

  3. Bake candies and cookies together.

  4. Do a family skit on the Christmas story, adding your own twist to it. Make it as funny or silly as you want.  Even teens who have a flair for the dramatic will enjoy this activity. For added measure, video tape these skits to watch in later years.

  5. Tell stories of Christmases in the past. Share memories of favorite Christmases, as well.

  6. Read the Christmas story from the Bible as a family. This is found in Luke 1-2 and Matthew 1-2.

  7. Do an Advent calendar.

  8. Sing carols at a nursing home and deliver the cookies and candies that you made as a family.

  9. Make Christmas pancakes. Use red and green M & M’s.

  10. Write notes to each member of your family  they can only open on Christmas Day, highlighting your favorite thing about them. Have each member do this.

  11. Visit those that may be lonely around the holidays. The gift of our time is a lovely way to spread Christmas cheer.

  12. Have a potluck Christmas party.  Each family or friend brings whatever they have on hand for  a fun way to fellowship.  It does not have to be fancy, and it can even be last minute. But what a fun way to help celebrate Christmas with those that you love.

  13. Buy a Christmas nativity set as a family.

  14. Drive around and go look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music.

  15. Go on a family vacation instead of buying each other presents.

  16. Buy a new decoration each year for the tree that reflects the family’s hobbies, personalities, or interests (We buy keychains throughout the year of places we have gone and turn them into Christmas ornaments)

  17. Have Christmas movie nights.  We choose a Christmas movie almost every night, pop some popcorn, and cuddle up under blankets to watch timeless classics.

  18. Bless another family with a hot meal that you have cooked together as a family.

  19. Have a family game night, complete with yummy snacks.

Christmas is truly a wonderful and magical time of year to focus on the birth of our Savior.

The many festivities of Christmas highlight how special it is to so many families. And because each family is different, the style of celebrating varies.

One way to make Christmas unique is by incorporating unique family traditions into the season. These traditions do not have to be expensive to enhance the joy and spread the cheer of Christmas.

What family traditions does your family do each year?


Stephanie, Training Keepers of the Home


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