15 Great Ways for Wives to Put Love into Action in Marriage!

Loving Your Husband


How can you make “love” an action verb in your marriage?

How can you show your husband you him?


15 Tips to Put Love Into Action Within Your Marriage

” Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands….” Titus 2:4

  1.  Listen with your whole body. Give him your undivided attention. Put down your phone or mobile device. Make eye contact.

  2. Think about your future with him and keep that focus. 

  3. Be like a gardener, and tend to your garden.

  4. Be submissive to him, reverence him, show him the honor that is due him.

  5.  Visit the marital bed on a regular basis.

  6. Use the Bible as your guide of what is expected of you as a wife.

  7. Give your husband grace, just as our Lord does for you.

  8.  Forgive him often, don’t bring up things from the past, or dwell on the past.

  9.  Learn how to be quiet…no really….he does not need to be under a constant barrage of all your thoughts, especially after he has been at work all day.

  10.  Be his safe place. Be his best friend. Confidante. Earn his trust.

  11.  Laugh freely and often.

  12. Snuggle on a regular basis. Hug him. Hold him. Kiss him. Be near him.

  13.  Date your husband at home. If you are young and money is tight, get creative, use resources you have on hand already. Improvise, adapt, and overcome.

  14.  Encourage him:  It is natural to look at all the wrong things our husbands do, the we need to be looking for ways to encourage them. Encourage them as a husband, father, provider, and follower of Christ. Tell him you appreciate him. Look for the good in him.

  15.  Most importantly pray for him on a daily basis. Seek the Lord’s will for your husband and marriage.

Your marriage is a sacred union between you and your husband. It will not always be an easy thing to work at; but with trust in the Lord, hope in His faithfulness, and love for your husband, all things are possible.


Need some tips on how to have a Holy Marriage?



11 thoughts on “15 Great Ways for Wives to Put Love into Action in Marriage!

  1. This is a great list! One of my favorite books on marriage is Debi Pearl’s Created to Be a Helpmeet. I love how she describes different types of men and then shares ways, like you did, of how to encourage each personality.

  2. These are all thoughtful suggestions. <3 Marriage is hard work and grows you in ways you can never imagine. I've been married for nearly 30 years now. I'm still working on many of these things.

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