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11 Effective Disciplines for Raising Successful Children

11 Effective Disciplines for Raising Successful Children

Have you ever wondered, “How can I raise successful Godly children?”

Does it seem to be too difficult of a task to do in this world today?

Raising Children is Tough Work

As parents we are responsible for loving, protecting, teaching, nourishing their souls, providing entertainment, kissing boo-boo’s, helping them, encouraging them, playing doctor, and so much more.

The most important thing we do as a parent is to train our children up in the way they should go.

But there is so much more to parenting, especially for Christian parents.

Many of us want our children to become productive, responsible, and contributing members of society.

So how can we do this as Christian parents in our roles of raising Godly children?

Effective Strategies for Raising Successful Children Prayer

Speak Life into Your Home

Women set the tone for our homes This is done through our attitudes and actions by speaking life through words of encouragement.

“The wife and mother in a family

often ‘sets the tone’ in the home.

The ‘tone’ God wants her to set is one of joy,

optimism, and a delight in the Lord and in her family.”

 ~ Martha Peace, The Excellent Wife {Page 77}

In his song, Speak Life,  Toby sings the verse “watch them come alive as soon as you speak hope.” 

This verse reminds me of the impact that our words can have. Our words can be an encouragement or a discouragement.

The very words that we speak can be destructive or a blessing to our husbands and children.

Our words can breathe life into our home or fan the flame that causes it to burn and become destroyed. 

Get Radical with your Parenting

By incorporating some radical love into your parenting, you increase the chances of raising Godly children that are successful.

Christian parents often are facing an uphill battle when it comes to raising respectable children in today’s world.

As parents we are facing a world that despises all that Christ stands for, especially when it comes to having values.

As Christians we are to be different.

Teach them differently.

Raise them differently.

Expect them to be different.

Encourage them to succeed.

Be radical.

Allowing them to choose their future

While it is our job to raise our children the best way that we can. It is not our job to dictate their futures or control them.

If we have done our job, taught them, trained them, and provided the best opportunities and resources within our means; then our children will be able to make an educated and wise decision about their own futures.

Not each child wants to follow in their father’s footsteps and work in the family business.

By showing disappointment to our children if they make a decision we don’t agree with, we are sending the message that they are incapable of thinking or that we don’t value their opinions.

Or perhaps a child does not want to attend college, and would rather join the military? Applaud their maturity in making an adult decision that affects their future.

If your daughter wants to become a homemaker, wife, and mother; without obtaining a job; encourage her.

Mamas, our children will do things to disappoint us. They will make decisions that cause us to scratch our heads, but we must trust in our parenting and God’s grace.

Raising Godly Girls

Raising girls in a culture that is permeated with feminism is often a slippery slope. In order to raise our girls to become successful and Godly girls, we must teach them to be pure in heart.

Cultivating a pure heart in our daughters is more than what they wear or what they listen to, it goes way deeper than that.

And let’s be honest about something.

Staying pure in our culture today almost feels impossible. Simple things such as getting on Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook can feel like you are entering dangerous territory.   

Heading to school, heading to the mall, or hanging out with friends can put our daughters in tempting situations.

Immorality and impurity are two very real things that Christian girls need to be equipped to fight against.  So how do we teach our daughter’s to stay pure?

Read more here…..

Raising Godly Boys

Being a mom of a boy is something special. It is different.

I love my girls.

But having a boy is just different.  

Therefore, how we raise our sons should be different than how we raise our daughters.

Your son is somebody’s future husband, father, and son-in-law.  This is important to keep this in mind when raising sons.

As parents we must raise our boys to be tough and tender, loving God with all of their heart, how to become a hard worker, and so much more.

*I have a wonderful resource that is aimed at mothers who want to raise their boys to become Godly men.

This helpful series was put together by other Christian mom’s who have the same desires as you and I.

You can read more here on creating a successful routine for your child.

Establish a Successful Morning Routine

A successful routine for your child will teach them expectations and how to carry out responsibilities

Incoporate Chores

Put that child to work. I don’t mean become a slave driver. But, really, put your child to work by doing chores.

Start them at a young age.

Here are some good reasons why your children should do chores.

Six Reasons Why Children Should Do Chores:

  1. Teaches them responsibility
  2. Teaches them the value of serving others
  3. Teaches them hard work and helps to develop a good work ethic
  4. Teaches them patience
  5. Teaches them how to follow a routine
  6. Helps build their self-confidence and allows them to feel competent

So, why should children do chores? Read more here……

11 Effective Disciplines for Raising Successful Children

Teach them to have confidence

Developing confidence would begins in a childs heart.

Do you parent to their behaviors or to the condition of their heart?

If you have their best interests in mind and parent accordingly, it will be easier to help develop confidence in a child.

A few suggestions to help develop confidence are as follows:

1) Praise them-honestly. No babytalk or false praises. Catch them doing good.

2) Help your child set goals, both reasonable and unreasonable. Train her/him to expect failures.

3) Teach them how to handle failures.

4) Validate their feelings, but don’t feel compelled to ‘fix’ everything for them. You don’t want them wallowing in self-pity.

5 )Be in support of their passions.

6) Encourage creativity

7) Set rules and be consistent.

Be Consistent and Follow Through

If you have made an agreement that your child cannot buy a toy or a piece of candy when she gets to the store, do not give in to her pleas, tears, demands or pouting.

Your child will learn to respect you more if you mean what you say.

Do as you say, say as you mean.

11 Effective Disciplines for Raising Successful Children

Use Natural Consequences

If we interfere when we don’t need to, we rob children of the chance to learn from the consequences of their actions.

By allowing consequences to do the talking, we avoid disturbing our relationships by nagging or reminding too much.

For example, if your child forgets her lunch or homework, you don’t bring it to her.

Allow her to find a solution and learn the importance of remembering.

Maintain the 3 C’s of Successful Parenting

Communication, connection, and common sense are three things that every successful parent does.

Maintain constant communication with your child. Don’t allow a teen to slam a door in your face. Or stay in their room all night.

Eat dinner together regularly. Be involved in their lives. Listen and be an engaged parent.

Secondly, stay connected to what they’re thinking, seeing, or doing. Have you checked out their tablets or devices to see what is downloaded?

What is their latest book they read or latest homework assingment?

Be there. Be present.

Finally, teach your child to have common sense.

But do encourage them in their God-given talents and gifts.

Common sense is the ability to make mature and rational decisions based on logic, not feelings. Learn how to parent with logic and love, but keep it balanced.

How your child makes a decision making is going to be learned by watching you.

In Conclusion…..Successful Examples

A successful child does not have to have a college degree, make a lot of money, or travel extensively abroad.

But a child that is raised to love the Lord with all of their heart, mind, soul, and strength can be called successful. (Luke 10:27)

If a child continually grows in their faith and gains spiritual wisdom, this may be deemed successful as well.

When a young child carefully weighs all options regarding their future, using wisdom to make the best decisions; that is success.

A young girl that gets married after graduating high school and begins her family is successful.

That young man that enrolls in the military to better his future, he is successful.

Success is doing your best all of the time, no matter what you’re doing.

If you are raising your child to love the Lord, serve others, pray, grow in faith, and become wise; YOU ARE SUCCESSFULLY PARENTING!

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  1. Hey! Love this site! I especially love the invitation to gain tips based on the gender you’re raising. I also love the positive, life-giving” tone and the admonition to “speak life” into our children. Sometimes, it’s so easy to get caught up in the discipline element I forgot “how” I say things. Excellent!

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