10 Tips to Get Your House Ready for Thanksgiving In No Time




  1. Remember, unless your house is preparing for a magazine photo shoot of the interior; your house does not need to be perfect.

  2. Stick to a written routine that will allow you to have more quality time with your family.

  3. Using a planner will allow you stay in the routine of doing chores on days, especially if it is written down. Just by writing your goals down, no matter how small, increases the likelihood by 50% that you will achieve them.

  4. Using essential oils in DIY homemade cleaners can help you effectively clean, sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize your home.  (Tip: My favorite DIY essential oil cleaner is a lemongrass and tea tree mix. Add three drops of lemongrass and three drops of tea tree oil into a spray bottle with 5-6 ozs of water. Use anywhere)

  5. What do you do when you hear the doorbell ring and weren’t expecting guests? Spray an all natural air freshener around the main living areas. A great fragrance can cover a multitude of smells; like pets and last nights sauerkraut dinner.

  6. When all else fails, use your automatic wireless remote dimmer, to turn down your lights.

  7. Spend the most time in the kitchen, main living areas, bathrooms, and guest room armed with your cleaning supplies. Keep a fully stocked cleaning arsenal on hand, stocked in a caddy ready to go.

  8. Though not a cleaning tip, try cooking in advance as much as possible. Using an Instapot can cut your cooking time half and you will end up spending less time in the kitchen.

  9. Most importantly you cannot go wrong with great food, fellowship with family and friends, and a having a grateful contented heart.

  10. When all else fails vacuum your floor. Wait, what did I just say? Vacuum. A good vacuum will be able to go on wood floors, tile, and carpet without having to switch back and forth between broom and vacuum.  A room that has a clean floor can completely transform the looks a room. Eyes will be drawn to the floor, instantly giving the effect of a clean house.

Be blessed,


Stephanie Malcolm,

Training Keepers of the Home

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