A Typical Busy Saturday for our Large Family

Saturday’s are typically busy for our family. Even though we may all be home together, we often are going in many different directions.

We all have a list of chores to do on Saturday’s.  There are always the same ones, but depending on the time of the year they may vary. Once chores are done, the children head off to do their own thing. Today was no exception.  Below is a snapshot of just a portion of our Saturday today.

Warning: Picture Heavy

Stopping my chores to go upstairs and play with my kids. Today was a bed and breakfast which they had set up in their bedroom.

I had some great choices for food to choose from the in-house restaurant. I choose ham and eggs, with a side of plastic bananas.
Even though the entire bedroom had been just cleaned and the floors vacuumed, the playing must go on.
Often my youngest, the babe of the family, separates herself from the rest of the crowd to play. She prefers my bedroom because it is silent and out of the way.
There is always work to do. Even the smallest of hands are capable of pitching in and helping around the house.
Taking a few minutes to design some blog graphics, I stole away to my ‘office’ within my bedroom.
Tall tower of blocks


Then they came tumbling down….



Then they had to build yet another fort on this now rainy Saturday.


And before it rained, my husband was outside moving the last of the kindling wood for the maple syrup burner; which we need in the spring time.

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