Prayer for Peace and Comfort

  I seek your face Lord amidst the busyness and noisiness of the day. In these dark, scary days of political strife, racial violence, and natural disasters I yearn for comfort . Instead of turmoil I seek true peace, Father,  a peace that transcends all understanding. My thoughts can be overwhelming, overpowering, and all-consuming. They… Continue reading Prayer for Peace and Comfort


How to raise a boy

  Being a mom of a boy is something special. It is different than having girls. I love my girls. But having a boy is just different.  He responds differently than my girls. He plays different. Reacts differently. Loves differently.  Thinks differently. The stories: One time when my son was two years old and supposed to… Continue reading How to raise a boy

Biblical parenting

Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints

My day began when the baby dropped an entire cup of Cheerios all over our stairs. Because I was busy making breakfast,  I gave the broom and dust pan to my nine year old son and had asked him to sweep it up. Ten minutes later my son was in the kitchen, sitting on the bar… Continue reading Mommylicious, Chief Receiver of Complaints

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Homemade Playdough Recipe

Homemade Playdough Recipe My kids love play dough. In fact we have entire tote of toys devoted to play dough. They can play with it for hours. The stuff dries out and we forget to buy more, so when they want it we never have it. I am sure you have seen the dried up… Continue reading Homemade Playdough Recipe

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Raising a son

My son. Master Lego builder. Creative genius. Entrepreneurial spirit. Mama’s boy. Daddy’s right hand man. Backwards shirt Inside out blue jeans Shoes on wrong feet Socks often worn for days My little man is home sick from school today.  He is the kid who runs fresh from the bath right outside to a dirt pile.… Continue reading Raising a son

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Six ways for Tired Moms to Recharge

Beep. Beep. Beep. 3:40 my husband’s alarm went off. Its spring break here. My kids were all sleeping. Silence. Solitude. I knew I would have at least three hours before my kids woke up for the day. Instead of falling back asleep I took full advantage of the quiet time.  My body was aching for… Continue reading Six ways for Tired Moms to Recharge

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Welcome to the jungle

Back in the day one of my favorite songs was “Welcome to the Jungle” by GUNS N’ ROSES. The song was playing in my head this morning as I was laughing about the start to my day. 4:20 am.: My dear husband’s alarm goes off for work. 4:40: He puts on his Carthartt jumpsuit to go… Continue reading Welcome to the jungle

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My circus life: A frozen caterpillar, soggy Cheerios, science experiments, and the splash heard around the house

This morning…. All six children were up 45 minutes early when our typical wake up time is 6:45. I lost my alone time, but the morning went on… ….then my seven year old daughter spilled the sugar ALL OVER the floor and did not tell me until her one of her sister’s had already walked… Continue reading My circus life: A frozen caterpillar, soggy Cheerios, science experiments, and the splash heard around the house


Chores and children

  I have a large family, six of whom are children. In this family we are a team. We often work together or independently for the greater good of our team. We serve each other, often reluctantly, but nonetheless. My husband and I believe that our children will benefit from hard work, routine, and serving… Continue reading Chores and children

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Glory in the midst of the chaos

We are on day three of dealing with sick children. Sickness from both ends. Middle of the night vomiting. Dirty sheets, numerous baths, and stained pillows.  My washing machine has been running non-stop for three days.  One urgent care visit. Antibiotics and painkillers for one child. Only one child attended school today, while five are… Continue reading Glory in the midst of the chaos