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Today, my guest blogger, Jenny, from My Autumn Reflections provides some more great information on how a husband and wife can become more intimate within their boundaries of marriage. Please join me in reading her words of wisdom below.  4 Ways to Increase Intimacy in Your Marriage   What is intimacy? According to google it is close familiarity… Continue reading


15 Great Ways for Wives to Put Love into Action in Marriage!

Loving Your Husband   How can you make “love” an action verb in your marriage? How can you show your husband you him?   15 Tips to Put Love Into Action Within Your Marriage ” Then they can urge the younger women to love their husbands….” Titus 2:4  Listen with your whole body. Give him your undivided… Continue reading 15 Great Ways for Wives to Put Love into Action in Marriage!

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How to Become a Better Listener

I ‘Ear’ You This weekend my husband and I were having a conversation about moose. We were naming all the famous moose we knew from our childhood. We came up with two names. Morris the Moose was our first famous moose. We knew there was at least one other moose that had a sidekick named… Continue reading How to Become a Better Listener

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Raising a son

My son. Master Lego builder. Creative genius. Entrepreneurial spirit. Mama’s boy. Daddy’s right hand man. Backwards shirt Inside out blue jeans Shoes on wrong feet Socks often worn for days My little man is home sick from school today.  He is the kid who runs fresh from the bath right outside to a dirt pile.… Continue reading Raising a son

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My Top Ten Favorite Blogs

As a young wife and mother who has the desire to find the truth about homemaking, marriage, and finances; where are you supposed to turn? The World Wide Web can be a confusing map on the information highway. Are you seeking the truth, but confused about where to turn? Do you need some money saving… Continue reading My Top Ten Favorite Blogs