Finding that peace of mind

  So far my morning has consisted of a taking the children to school, grocery shopping with my littles, doing the budget, garage sale organization, a puking child, and various household chores. This morning I also Fought anxiety. Became easily overwhelmed. And needed to find that inner peace. As I was cleaning the vomit out… Continue reading Finding that peace of mind


My Ideal Mother’s Day

My ideal Mother’s Day……Picture this…..It’s the morning of Mother’s Day, the birds are singing outside and a gentle breeze is flowing in through my windows. My sweet children have made and delivered me breakfast in bed. The meal is the most delicious food I have ever tasted. My adoring husband is standing there besides our six… Continue reading My Ideal Mother’s Day


Attention readers: Web address will be changing

I am moving from https://lifeinasmalltownweb.wordpress.com/  to StephanieAMalcolm.com sometime tomorrow. This web address will no longer be active. Please follow me tomorrow.  Save this information and follow me, I would hate to lose any of my followers. Once again, StephanieAMalcolm.com will be my new web address. April 28, 2017 this change will be taking place.      

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A stranger, the country road, and the hesitation…..

Quiet country road. Mid afternoon. No traffic. Scruffy-looking stranger standing along side the road. You are the only one on the road. He motions for you to pull over. Do you stop?  The scenario is real. It happened Friday afternoon as I was heading  to town to pick up my four oldest children. I had… Continue reading A stranger, the country road, and the hesitation…..

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Guest Post: The Savvy Traveler on a Budget

  I remember shortly after my boyfriend started dating, he said to me, “You know, you’re kind of a baller for being a teacher.”  While I appreciated the compliment (I expected to go my entire life without being called a “baller”), I wondered if he was insinuating that I maybe spend a little bit more… Continue reading Guest Post: The Savvy Traveler on a Budget


Benefits of using online retailers to buy groceries

My family is limited when it comes to buying groceries in our small town. We have one grocery store, two dollar stores, and two gas stations. Not many options…. However, I find that if  I run to the local grocery store I tend to spend more money. The problem with running to the grocery store… Continue reading Benefits of using online retailers to buy groceries

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Homemade Playdough Recipe

Homemade Playdough Recipe My kids love play dough. In fact we have entire tote of toys devoted to play dough. They can play with it for hours. The stuff dries out and we forget to buy more, so when they want it we never have it. I am sure you have seen the dried up… Continue reading Homemade Playdough Recipe