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Are You a People Pleaser?

We have all been rejected.  It hurts. Some rejections are easier to get over than others. Rejection stinks.  Nobody wants to be rejected, but if you are a people-pleaser like me it can make the ‘offense’ so much worse. People-pleasers tend to dwell on things that don’t matter in the long run. I hash over details… Continue reading Are You a People Pleaser?

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How to Be a Perfect Woman…Not What You Would Expect

If you are not perfect, then you must be doing something wrong.  That got your attention, didn’t it?  Do you feel the need to be perfect, especially in the areas of being a wife and mother? The need for perfection can be a daily battle for millions of women. The struggle is real and as… Continue reading How to Be a Perfect Woman…Not What You Would Expect

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Rejoice in the Season You are In

A girl and her front porch If you know me you know that I love my front porch. By 6:30 a.m. you can find me sitting there most days watching the sun as it rises up over our property.  This time is spent doing my morning devotions before my children are awake for the day.… Continue reading Rejoice in the Season You are In


“My Body, My Choice”

HIPAA, What? Typically, I am not one of those bloggers that goes on a rant and continuously spouts off my opinion.  I tend to prefer a more gentle approach to educating others. However, this time it is a bit different because I feel that the issue is very important and most certainly affects our rights… Continue reading “My Body, My Choice”


Fidget Spinners: The Latest Fad

With fidget spinners being all the rage these days and seeing how everybody “needs” one, what is something that you need a tool for, but is not invented? Not technology related, but an actual gadget you wish that was invented? Perhaps, you have said, “I wish somebody would invent……” to make my life easier…”or why… Continue reading Fidget Spinners: The Latest Fad

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Kids need more play time and less screen time

  July is right around the corner.  We should be in swimsuits at the beach and having sleepovers outside in our tent, but instead we are bundled up wearing sweatshirts in this cooler temps. This morning after we finished our daily 4 B’s (beds, breakfast, brush, and Bible) the kids have free time. No technology… Continue reading Kids need more play time and less screen time


How to raise a boy

  Being a mom of a boy is something special. It is different than having girls. I love my girls. But having a boy is just different.  He responds differently than my girls. He plays different. Reacts differently. Loves differently.  Thinks differently. The stories: One time when my son was two years old and supposed to… Continue reading How to raise a boy

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Summer time! Summer time!

Summer vacation has officially begun! Every last day of school we celebrate by keeping it simple at home. The kids are jumping on the trampoline with the water going and eating popsicles. We have a few extra kids here today, so it’s been a great way to celebrate the end of the school year. What… Continue reading Summer time! Summer time!


How to Have a Frugal Birthday Party

A birthday is a milestone in a child’s life.  Typically birthdays involve gifts and a party.  A birthday can be very costly.  Years ago when we began celebrating our young children’s birthdays, we set no limit on how much we spent. We usually had enough food to feed an army and the money spent on gifts… Continue reading How to Have a Frugal Birthday Party

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Spring time changes

  Spring time in northern Michigan varies day-to-day. Yesterday, was in the lower 40’s and we had snow, sleet, and rain. Today we have bright blue skies and the beautiful sunshine. The snow is finally gone. The snow gear has been washed and put away.  Ski’s and sleds are put up in the barn until… Continue reading Spring time changes