Hi! I am Stephanie.

Welcome to my blog. I have been married to my husband Brian since 1999.  We have seven children, six here with us and one waiting for us in Heaven. We live in a small northern Michigan town where we are blessed to have four distinct seasons.

The purpose of my blog is to encourage women in their God-given roles as women and mothers.  Finances, frugality, faith, family, marriage, parenting, and grief are some of the topics that I cover. My goal is to be able to offer common sense Biblical advice on matters in life that affect us as women and mothers.

My goal is not to impress others with my words for there is no eternal value in empty words. For I know that as a woman I was designed for more than the role society puts us in. According to Titus 2, women like myself due to age and experience are to be mentors and help guide those that are younger.  My prayer is that the Lord is able to utilize me as a vessel with His loving, living and life-affirming words of truth.