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The Top Essential Cleaning Products For Your Home

  How clean is your house?

Are you looking for some effective products to help you get your house clean?

Knock Knock


Is your house ready for company at a moments notice?

Would you have to do the mad scramble to hide everything in sight if somebody knocked on your door?

Does the thought of cleaning your house make you want to call a maid?

Cleaning your house does not have to be overwhelming, especially if you have well-stocked cleaning arsenal on hand already.

Frugal Arsenal

We are a one-income family so it is necessary for us to be frugal in all areas, including cleaning supplies. Stocking up on cleaning supplies does not need to be expensive.

It is easy to be thrifty when buying cleaning products, too. Finding a product that can multitask is one way to save money.

My cleaning arsenal has evolved over the past eighteen years, but through trial and error my arsenal is complete. And I am going to share the list of products with you below.

*Disclaimer: These are not miracle products.  You do need to apply elbow grease in your cleaning. I do not make any money from promoting these products.


Murphy’s Oil Soap:  It has been around for years. The smell is fantastic. Read the label for its many great uses. Safe and natural. 

Dawn Dish detergent:   Extremely versatile and safe. From washing dishes, to cleaning your bathtub or shower, removal of stains on clothes, or washing your car…this detergent does it all.

Bleach:  Laundry, household uses such as bathroom and kitchen, outdoor furniture.

Vinegar:   Versatile, non toxic, very effective natural cleaner, can be used practically anywhere. 

La’s Totally Awesome:  You will find many uses for this concentrated cleaner. Please read instructions and ratios when mixing.

Window cleaner:  Ammonia free, generic is great, extremely versatile. Do you can remove stains from your carpet with window cleaner? Or spray and wipe your wood floors for a great shine?  And some more great uses such as insect repellent, jewelry cleaner, de-greaser, clean your children’s toys, counter top cleaner, tile floor cleaner, whiteboard eraser, appliances, kitty litter boxes, phones, crystal, and the list goes on.

Spray bottles: To mix up your cleaning solutions in. Label them. Keep them handy and close by.

Pine Sol: Floors, bathrooms, furniture,  garbage disposals, car interiors, appliances, pet stains, patio furniture, carpet stains, clothing stains, de-smudge walls, and outdoor toys. This great smelling cleaner has been used by my family for decades. Safe, effective, and multi-purpose.

Method products: I absolutely love Method products. Safe, great smelling, and work great.

Essential Oils-Lemon, orange, and tea tree oil:  Essential oils mixed with vinegar with the correct ratio can be an extremely effective cleaning tool for you household. Non-toxic, safe, and biodegradable these cleaners come in a wide array of products for your household.

Microfiber cloths:  Buy a ten pack, use them specifically for cleaning, launder separately than other towels, and use on practically anything.

Microfiber mop: Gentle on floors, effective for grabbing dirt and debris, and if taken care of properly should last you for years.

Dust pan and broom: Keep one set on each floor of your house.

Window squeegee: Useful tool for quickly cleaning windows or cleaning up spills.

Box of old rags: Use instead of paper towel. Can be washed and used over and over again.

Apron:  Wear an apron with pockets to hold cleaning tools or various things around the house you find that need to be put back. It saves multiple trips for me when I am cleaning.

Basket:   A laundry basket to hold all your cleaning essentials and tools helps you stay organized and efficient.

Long handled microfiber duster:  To clean under furniture, fans, corners, and hard to reach spaces.

Microfiber mop: To clean your floors a microfiber mop is well worth the investment and can be used on a variety of floors. When I clean my hard wood floors, I spray windex and just wipe with the mop.  So easy.

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